aurora runs on macOS, Linux and Windows operating systems without a hustle. Binaries are cross-complied with Go and available for 32/64 bit systems.

Easy to Install

aurora comes as a single binary file that's ready to go. You can install it manually, or using Homebrew on macOS which is updated regularly and is super convenient.

Zero Dependencies

No need to install anything on your machines or services. Just download and run. To get started aurora just needs a browser and a Beanstalkd server to connect to.

Customizable UI

aurora support customizable UI, you can set code highlighter, choose columns, edit auto refresh seconds, pause tube seconds and so on.

Simple and Clean

aurora was designed to be very simple and clean UI to browse beanstalkd tubes, complete statistics about jobs in tubes. Realtime auto-update with highlighting of changed values.

Access Control

Each user can add its own personal Beanstalkd server, common list of servers in config for all users or optional basic auth.