Upgrade PHP on Ubuntu via PPA

If you want to take advantage of the new awesomeness, you can do so very easily thanks to a PPA.

If you've never added a PPA before, you will want to make sure that you have python-software-properties installed so you have the command available. To install it, you just need to run:

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python-software-properties

Note that Tested on 13.10 as the comments below indicated, this may also be necessary:

$ sudo apt-get install software-properties-common

Once that's installed we can add the new PPA:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php5-5.6

After the PPA is added you will need to update and upgrade. This will upgrade your current version of PHP to 5.6 along with any modules you have installed:

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

If you don't happen to have PHP installed already, you can do so now and you will be installing the latest and greatest:

$ sudo apt-get install php5

You can check current installed PHP version use this command:

$ php -v

Once this is done, you will want to restart your web server software and/or fast process manager.

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