Rust Report Card - Get a badge for your Rust open source project

Rust Report Card

A web application that generates a report on the quality of an open-source Rust project. This project inspired and based on the Go report card. It uses rust-clippy measures. To get a report on your own project, the hosted version of this code running at the

Note that, it will make a high CPU load on the server when the rust Clippy driver running, the latency of this server may be slow, or timeout when working on some parallel checkings, please be patient and coming back to check the report later. In fact, this server only has 4GB of free disk space and 1 core CPU, and I have to make a scheduler job to clean the code cache and toolchains every half hour currently.

Score Grade Badge
> 90 A+
> 80 A
> 70 B
> 60 C
> 50 D
> 40 E
<= 40 F
5.00 avg. rating (97% score) - 1 vote