Install Windows on Built-key PC

Currently on the market are many PC preinstalled Microsoft Windows 8 Chinese version of the operating system, if you want to upgrade to a later version of Microsoft Windows 8, you can enter a new product key to add the functionality to Microsoft Windows 8 upgrade, but if want to use the installation CD or CD image re-upgrade installation, you may enter the product key of the key steps of the installation error message a few days ago as a friend to upgrade the system, they encountered such a situation.

Analyze the reasons, pre-installed Microsoft Windows 8 Chinese version of the computer product installation key has been written into the computer's BIOS, so when using the installation CD or installation image to upgrade the installation, the installer reads the computer BIOS installation key, but this does not apply to high installation key versions of Microsoft Windows 8, so there will be installation key error message. understand this principle, you can modify the installation ISO image method to solve this problem.


Use Notepad to create a EI.CFG file (note the file extension CFG, rather than TXT);

EI.CFG content:


Save the file and close Notepad program that will EI.CFG file to the Microsoft Windows installation CD directory sources folder, ISO repackaging enter the product key can skip steps.

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