Reset OS X Launchpad Icon Cache

OS X applications are in the form of icons appear in Launchpad, the operation is very intuitive and easy to use. However, in very rare cases, these icons will likely generate some confusion, difficult to solve. Launchpad is stored in a SQLite database storage directory is: ~/Library/Application Support/Dock/. We can use the to perform (without root privileges) to execute SQL commands related to the change Launchpad.

Run the following command in the terminal:

Reset Icon

$ rm -f ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db && killall Dock

Fix OS X Launchpad Pink Icon

Fix Launchpad pink (some say red) icon for AMD CPU

Fix OS X Launchpad Pink Icon

  • Download the attached to Applications
  • Go to System Preferences → Accounts → Login items
  • Add the Launchpad in here.
  • reboot & done.

Download Launchpad

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