Add Social Links Buttons for Octopress

My Octopress theme is Slash, Slash is a clean one-column theme designed for Octopress, supporting all features in classic theme and built-in Fancybox.

Slash Author Website


$ cd octopress
$ git clone git:// .themes/slash
$ rake install['slash']
$ rake generate

Have problems when installing with zsh? Try rake install\['slash'\] instead.

Adding Social Links Buttons

For example, I add a Sina Weibo links buttons

In octopress/_config.yml

# Sina Weibo
weibo_user: your-ID
weibo_button: true

Add a Sina Weibo icon in octopress/source/images/social/, named weibo.png

Add CSS Code in octopress/source/stylesheets/screen.css

#sub-nav .social {
    background:url('/images/social/weibo.png?1392973048') center no-repeat #c83d20;
    border:1px solid #c83d20;

#sub-nav .social {
    border:1px solid #c83d20


Add to octopress/source/includes/header.html

{% if site.weibo_user %}
    <a class="weibo" title="Weibo" href="{{ site.weibo_user }}" target="_blank">
{% endif %}
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