Anti Bad Bots and Crawlers by User Agent

As we know there are many crawlers and spider, such as Googlebot, Baiduspider. But there are also some crawlers not compliance the rules of robots. That will take more pressure for the server. So we should do something to anti these bad spider. In this post I will show you how to adnti bad bots and crawlers with Apache or Nginx and PHP.


Edit site conf file as the following code, after save configuration file reload Apache service.

<Directory "/var/www">
    # Anti crawlers
    SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent ".*(^$|FeedDemon|JikeSpider|Indy Library|Alexa Toolbar|AskTbFXTV|AhrefsBot|CrawlDaddy|CoolpadWebkit|Java|Feedly|UniversalFeedParser|ApacheBench|Microsoft URL Control|Swiftbot|ZmEu|oBot|jaunty|Python-urllib|lightDeckReports Bot|YYSpider|DigExt|YisouSpider|HttpClient|MJ12bot|heritrix|EasouSpider|Ezooms)" BADBOT
    Deny from env=BADBOT
    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from all


Create agent_deny.conf file in conf directory of Nginx like this:

# Forbid crawlers such as Scrapy
if ($http_user_agent ~* (Scrapy|Curl|HttpClient)) {
    return 403;

# Disable specify UA and empty UA access
if ($http_user_agent ~ "FeedDemon|JikeSpider|Indy Library|Alexa Toolbar|AskTbFXTV|AhrefsBot|CrawlDaddy|CoolpadWebkit|Java|Feedly|UniversalFeedParser|ApacheBench|Microsoft URL Control|Swiftbot|ZmEu|oBot|jaunty|Python-urllib|lightDeckReports Bot|YYSpider|DigExt|YisouSpider|HttpClient|MJ12bot|heritrix|EasouSpider|Ezooms|^$" ) {
    return 403;

# Forbid crawlers except GET|HEAD|POST method
if ($request_method !~ ^(GET|HEAD|POST)$) {
    return 403;

Add following in location / section of the site, after save configuration file reload Nginx service.

include agent_deny.conf;


Set following code in index file.


// ...

| Anti Crawlers

    $badAgents = array('FeedDemon','BOT/0.1 (BOT for JCE)','CrawlDaddy ','Java','Feedly','UniversalFeedParser','ApacheBench','Swiftbot','ZmEu','Indy Library','oBot','jaunty','YandexBot','AhrefsBot','YisouSpider','jikeSpider','MJ12bot','WinHttp','EasouSpider','HttpClient','Microsoft URL Control','YYSpider','jaunty','Python-urllib','lightDeckReports Bot');
    if(in_array($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],$badAgents)) {
        exit('Go away');
} else {
    exit('Go away');


Use CURL command to simulate crawlers

Simulate ApacheBench

$ curl -I -A 'ApacheBench'

Simulate empty USER_AGENT

$ curl -I -A ''

Simulate Googlebot

$ curl -I -A 'Googlebot'

Anti Bad Bots and Crawlers by User Agent

We can get list of User-Agent from

Anti Bad Bots and Crawlers by User Agent
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