Gopher China 2016

Gopher China 2016

Gopher China 2016 is a major conferences of Go communities in China since 2015. This is the second session place at Beijing Asia Hotel on April 16th to 17th. I join conferences on second day. There are seven speeches on today:

  • Dave Cheney - How to Write high performance application
  • Xiaowei Wu - Aliyun, Go for CDN Services
  • Shiwei Xu - Qiniu, MicroService Management
  • Hongliang Sun - DaoCloud, Distributed Docker System
  • Bushuang Gao - Xiaomi, Xiaomi's Best Practice of Devops Platform in Go
  • Break
  • ZhaoChang - Grabtaxi Go testing CI and deploy
  • Jianliang Su - Netease, Go for Netease's Upload Acceleration in WAN

We can get presentation of these speeches from

As a novice of Go, in my opinion, Go build-in many powerful standard packages and easy to import third part package from package source. It just likes the premium version of C language because Go was also designed by a simple philosophy. Go has communities support with many developers and greate corporations such as Google. So I think use Go will become more widespread.

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