Global Internet Architecture Conference of China 2016

Global Internet Architecture Conference of China 2016

Today and yesterday I joined the Global Internet Architecture Conference of China 2016 (GIAC) at Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town. The GIAC organised by "ARCHNOTES", a community focus on high availability architecture. There are 40 presentations at the conference. I have to meet up to 16 presentations of these two days. I wanna talk about some impressive presentations.

Xiaolai Li: Study and Growth - Who the Future Belongs to (at the main venue). Xiaolai Li is a VC, the person with the most Bitcoin in China, and he is also the earliest research of block chain technology in China. "Make Time with Friends" is his book.

Yuming Yang: Big Data In Hulu (first dat at big data and algorithm sub-venues).

Zhifeng Yang: The evolution of OceanBase architecture in recent years (first day afternoon at architecture sub-venues). Zhifeng Yang works for Alibaba Group. The OcenBase is a distributed, shared-nothing relational database created by Alibaba Group.

Hao Chen: Programming paradigm in programming (second day of programming language and architecture sub-venues). Hao Chen is a software engineer, formerly at the Amazon, Alibaba Group and Thomson Reuters Corporation. He talks about from the C language generic to functional programming in his presentation.

Dongxu Huang: Real world Rust - Why and how we use Rust in TiKV (second day at rogramming language and architecture sub-venues). Dongxu Huang is the CTO of PingCAP Inc. He given an introduction of Rust language and how they use Rust in TiKV. TiKV is distributed transactional key value database powered by Rust and Raft.

Jingyu Wang: Ali distributed database (second day afternoon at database and extensible storage sub-venues). Jingyu Wang currently at Alibaba Group. He talks about DRDS architecture evolution process.

I also listened to some other presentations, but I think just so-so. Because this two-day conference has only a few overseas company issues, so I consider the conference assembly will be known as the "Global" name may not be appropriate.

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