OCserv on Ubuntu for Cisco AnyConnect Client

OCserv is the OpenConnect VPN server. Its purpose is to be a secure, small, fast and configurable VPN server. It implements the OpenConnect SSL VPN protocol, and has also (currently experimental) compatibility with clients using the AnyConnect SSL VPN protocol. The OpenConnect protocol provides a dual TCP/UDP VPN channel, and uses the standard IETF security protocols to secure it. The server is implemented primarily for the GNU/Linux platform but its code is designed to be portable to other UNIX variants as well. From Ubuntu 16.04 onward, OCserv is included in the standard Ubuntu repositories, so you do not need to compile it from source. In this tutorial the OS X and iOS 9 client, which could be an Mac, iPad or an iPhone, will connect to the VPN server using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.

Enable Certificate Transparency for HTTPS

erver operators can deliver SCTs by using a special TLS extension (see figure 2). In this case, the CA issues the certificate to the server operator, and the server operator submits the certificate to the log. The log sends the SCT to the server operator, and the server operator uses a TLS extension with type signed_certificate_timestamp to deliver the SCT to the client during the TLS handshake.