Excelize v1.3.0

Release Notes

The most notable changes in this release are:

Breaking Change

  • Make row index consistent in function SetRowHeight and GetRowHeight, fix issue #205

Notable Features

  • New function SetSheetRow has been added for support write the whole line at once, related issue #96 and #194
  • New functions GetColOutlineLevel, GetRowOutlineLevel, SetColOutlineLevel and SetRowOutlineLevel has been added for support create group
  • Add iterator method for Rows, new functions Columns, Next and Error has been added
  • Function SetCellValue now supports bool and time.Duration type value
  • Function AddTable now supports set name of table, related issue #216
  • Function AddPicture now supports set the positioning of a picture, related issue #214
  • Function GetCellValue now supports read inlineStr type cell value, related issue #208 and pull request #209
  • Function AddChart now supports set custom chart size
  • Add 3D, 3D 100%, clustered, stacked and 100% stacked bar and column series charts supported, related issue #160 and #190
  • Add a hyperlink to image support for the function AddPicture, related issue #185
  • Add protection properties associated with the cell support, related issue #191
  • Add categories or values on reverse order (orientation of the chart) support, and set auto or fixed maximum, minimum of the axis, related issue #202

Bug Fixes

  • Fix DeleteSheet make broken file caused by activeTab tag calculation wrong, related issue #165
  • Fix read columns count wrong in specific worksheet data, related issue #175
  • Handle special shared string table file name xl/SharedStrings.xml to make library compatibility with 1C software, related issue #188
  • Fix checkCellInArea index out of range when the merged cell reference is single coordinate, related issue #206
  • Fix set font-family doesn't work, related issue #222


  • Make SetCellStyle quicker by skipping conversions in checkCellInArea, and skipping area checks when we are sure the cell can't be before or past the current row/col
  • Save bytes on memory instead of string, 11% memory savings, see Performance Figures

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