Excelize v2.3.0

Release Notes

The most notable changes in this release are:

Notable Features

  • Support to set cell values concurrent, related issue #670
  • New API: SetSheetFormatPr and GetSheetFormatPr, support to set and get worksheet formatting properties, related issue #635
  • New API: GetCols and Cols, support columns iterator
  • AddChart support specified logarithmic scale on Y-axis, related issue #661
  • AddPicture support insert image autofit cell
  • Add limits for total columns, row and filename length
  • Formula calculation engine support defined name, related issue #665
  • API CalcCellValue update, formula calculation engine working in progress: 12 new functions has been added, COUNTA, ISBLANK, ISERR, ISERROR, ISEVEN, ISNA, ISNONTEXT, ISODD, ISNUMBER, MEDIAN, NA, SUMIF

Improve the Compatibility

  • Compatible to case-sensitive doc parts path
  • Storage string to SST (shared string table), related issue #622
  • Support the row element without r attribute in the worksheet
  • Support XML multi namespace, make compatible with Kingsoft WPS™ Office, related issue #651
  • Improve the compatibility of the auto filter with Office 2007 - 2010, resolved issue #637

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid duplicate filter database in workbook defined name
  • Avoid creating duplicate style, resolved issue #643
  • Escape characters for set rich-text
  • Fix the issue, comment shapes are changed after reopening spreadsheet created by Excelize, resolved issue #672
  • Fix panic when enabling compiler inline flags, resolved issue #677 and #679
  • Fix the accuracy issue of getting cell value of percentage cell


  • Improved error handling and fix crash when open invalid spreadsheet file
  • Add missing checking error in unit tests
  • Documentation website with multilingual: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which has been updated

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