Excelize v2.0.1

Release Notes

The most notable changes in this release are:

Notable Features

  • New function SetHeaderFooter init set header and footer support, related issue #394
  • New function SetColStyle support to set style by columns, related issue #397
  • New functions SetDefaultFont and GetDefaultFont support to set and get the default font, related issue #390
  • New functions SetDocProps and GetDocProps, support to set and get doc properties, related issue #415
  • The function AddChart now support to create new 26 types of chart: cone, pyramid and cylinder series chart for column and bar, surface 3D, wireframe Surface 3D, contour and wireframe contour, bubble and a 3D bubble chart, unsupported chart type add error prompt
  • New functions SetDefinedName and GetDefinedName support to set and get defined names
  • More detailed error information when open the encrypted file
  • The function AddPicture now support to add TIF and TIFF format images

Bug Fixes

  • Fix structs fields definition errors and keep double quotes in data validation formula
  • Fix comments duplicate caused by inner counting errors, resolve issue #373
  • Fix read file error caused by getting sheet map errors, resolve issue #404
  • Enhance compatibility with PivotTable, resolve issue #413
  • Enhance compatibility with font size and a bold style, resolve issue #411, #420, and #425
  • Enhance recalculation adjuster to resolve file broken issue, after insert or remove rows in some case, related issue #421 and #424
  • Fix hide sheet does not work in some case, related issue #418
  • Fix multi-chart series caused file corrupted by avoid accent theme color index overflow, related issue #422


  • Improve unit testing coverage (Line Coverage: 96.05%)
  • Optimize code, fix golint issues

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