Excelize v2.0.2

Release Notes

The most notable changes in this release are:

Breaking Change

Upgrade requirements Go language version is 1.10 or later.

Notable Features

  • Create pivot table support. New function AddPivotTable has been added
  • Create sparkline support. New function AddSparkline has been added
  • New function GroupSheets and UngroupSheets support group and ungroup sheets
  • New function AddVBAProject to support add vbaProject.bin file which contains functions and/or macros
  • The function SetPageLayout now support to set fit to width and height, related issue #432
  • The function SetSheetViewOptions support to set whether to "show a zero in cells that have zero value" now
  • Allow access to more formula attributes in SetCellFormula, support set the type of the formula and the ref attribute
  • Font strike style support, related issue #482

Bug Fixes

  • Fix missing text of comments in some case, resolve issue #434
  • Fix RemoveRow out of range in some case by recalculate offset for merged cells adjuster, resolve issue #437
  • Fix invalid formula in data validation drop list
  • Fix file corrupted when calling the Save method in the iteration, resolve issue #443
  • Compatible with different types of relative paths in workbook.xml.rels to fix read file failed in some case, resolve issue #442
  • Fixed file corruption when deleting all merged cells in some case
  • Fix issue where the protection worksheet settings are invalid in some case, resolve issue #454
  • Fix GetSheetName doesn't work in some case by check the sheets list based on index instead, resolve issue #457
  • Add multi-row inline strings support, related issue #464
  • Fix overflow numeric cell value on the 32-bit operating system, related issue #386
  • Fix go module dependency errors, related issue #466 and #480
  • Fix file corrupted when calling SetSheetPrOptions in some case, resolve issue #483


  • Performance optimization, faster for reading the file, related issue #439


  • Add missing error check in SetSheetRow
  • Optimize code, combine internal functions: workBookRelsWriter, drawingRelsWriter into relsWriter; drawingRelsReader, workbookRelsReader, workSheetRelsReader into relsReader addDrawingRelationships, addSheetRelationships into addRels

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