Excelize v2.3.2

Release Notes

The most notable changes in this release are:

Notable Features

  • The function AddPivotTable now support none-column and multi-data fields, related issue #710
  • The function GetCellValue support custom date-time number format, related issue #703
  • The function CalcCellValue now support new formula function AND, CLEAN, TRIM, LOWER, PROPER, UPPER and OR, related issue #701 and #747
  • The range of data validation now supports float decimal, related issue #739
  • The function AddChart now support to set marker type and custom line width, related issue #549 and #657
  • The AddChart function support to specify if show the legend without overlapping the chart

Improve the Compatibility

  • Improve over 6 series line chart compatibility with KingSoft WPS™, resolve issue #627
  • Avoid creating duplicate inner style in some case
  • Parse document core part (workbook) dynamically
  • Support single line with repeated row element in the worksheet data, resolve issue #732

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent formula lexer panic on retrieving the top token type on some invalid formula, resolve issue #711
  • Fix missing worksheet when renaming with same names, resolve issue #713
  • Fix wrong worksheet index returned by NewSheet in some case, resolve issue #714
  • Fix panic on formatted value with no built-in number format ID, resolve issue #715 and #741
  • Rounding numeric with precision for formula calculation, resolve issue #727
  • Fix row duplicate mechanism #729
  • Fix incorrect active tab after delete worksheet in some case, resolve issue #735
  • Fix AddPicture autofit failure with multi merged cells, resolve issue #748


  • Stream writing memory usage decrease about 60%, related issue #659
  • Optimize memory allocation workSheetWriter, related issue #722
  • Improve AddPicture performance, related issue #706


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