Excelize v2.2.0

Release Notes

The most notable changes in this release are:

Notable Features

  • Using the worksheet index instead of ID in the following functions: GetSheetName, GetSheetIndex, GetActiveSheetIndex and SetActiveSheet, related issue #485
  • New function GetSheetList to get the worksheet, chart sheet, and dialog sheet name list of the workbook
  • New function AddChartSheet support create chart sheet, related issue #451
  • New function UnsetConditionalFormat, support for remove conditional format, related issue #571
  • New function DeleteDataValidation, support delete data validation, related issue #348
  • New function SetCellRichText, support set rich text, related issue #172
  • New functions InsertPageBreak and RemovePageBreak, support for insert and remove page break, related issue #492
  • The AddPivotTable API changed, support for setting date field subtotal and names of the pivot table, related issue #582
  • The AddPivotTable support to set the filter for the pivot table, related issue #598
  • The AddPivotTable allow empty filter, data, and rows in the pivot table
  • Export ExcelDateToTime function to convert excel date to time
  • Export Style structs to allow create the style for cells by given JSON or structure pointer, related issue #470

Bug Fixes

  • Fix greaterThanOrEqual and lessThanOrEqual operators did not work when setting the conditional format for cell by SetConditionalFormat, resolve issue #608
  • Fix corrupt worksheet created by StreamWriter, resolve issue #576
  • Escape character in the formula, resolve issue #578
  • Fix the DuplicateRowTo function doesn't duplicate merged cells, resolve issue #586
  • Fix conditional formatting hides the adjacent borders by ignoring empty conditional format style, resolve issue #200
  • Fix missing comments by GetComments, resolve issue #345
  • Fix reading wrong string by GetCellValue in some case, resolve issue #602
  • Check and fill the cell without r attribute in a row element, fix returned empty value when GetCellValue in some case
  • Allow empty or default cell style formats, resolved issue #628


  • Reduce redundant memory copy in getRowHeight


  • Remove calculated properties to make recalculate formulas in some spreadsheet applications, such as Kingsoft WPS™ Office
  • Add missing checking error in unit tests
  • Documentation website with multilingual: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which has been updated

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